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Supervised Detox for Successful Addiction Treatment

Our Seattle, Washington drug rehab center offers clients a safe, nurturing environment to detox from drugs and begin the process of recovery. When you enroll at Nathans Recovery addiction recovery facility for supervised detox, you will find yourself in an environment that is more conducive to recovery. When you want to have a successful start to your journey to addiction recovery, supervised detox at our substance abuse treatment center is the answer.

Understanding the Need for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our Seattle, Washington substance abuse treatment facility offers dual diagnosis treatment for those who are struggling with addiction and a co-occurring mental health condition at the same time. Dual diagnosis at Nathans Recovery addiction treatment facility will give you the support necessary to work on both at the same time.

The Safety of a Drug Rehab Facility

Our Seattle, Washington addiction recovery center offers an environment that is conducive to healing. Addiction recovery can be stressful, and the calm, quiet atmosphere that you find at Nathans Recovery addiction treatment center makes the process easier. When you feel safe during your recovery, it becomes possible to work on the issues that led to your addiction in the first place.

Build a Community in an Addiction Recovery Program

You will participate in groups while at our Seattle, Washington drug detox clinic, and this is an excellent time for you to begin building a sober support network. You’ll participate in group sessions and listen to the stories of others who are working their way toward recovery from addiction. The community within Nathans Recovery drug rehab center is often comforting and provides you with the understanding that you are not alone in your struggle with addiction.

Get the Most Out of Treatment by Speaking Honestly

Clients in our Seattle, Washington substance abuse treatment facility will get the most out of treatment when they are honest about what is going on in their lives. If you are nervous about speaking in groups, let your counselor know. The goal of group sessions is to learn from your peers and share your story so that others can learn from you.

Develop a Treatment Plan with Your Counselor

Each treatment plan is different. When you are in our Seattle, Washington drug detox clinic, you will have the opportunity to develop a treatment plan with your counselor. This is a plan that is designed to help you along the path of recovery. You have plenty of input in your treatment plan, and it will provide a guide for you to follow. If you need to make changes to your treatment plan for any reason, you can do so by speaking to a counselor.

The Process of Rehabilitation Begins with Supervised Detox

The process of rehabilitation takes time and commitment. Clients start with a period of supervised detox and then move on to treatment in our residential facility for a short time. Some people choose to move to a sober living facility, while others are ready to return home after graduated from the Nathans Recovery addiction treatment program. It is often recommended that clients begin seeing an individual therapist when detox is complete, as this provides ongoing support throughout rehabilitation.

Aftercare Once Detox is Complete

Aftercare opportunities for those with addiction tend to focus on stress reduction techniques and building a support system. Attendance at groups in the community is generally recommended, as is exercise to reduce stress. Clients learn new ways to manage every day life without drugs or alcohol one step at a time. Aftercare is different for everyone.