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The Process of Rehabilitation for Drug Addiction Takes Time

Successful addiction recovery treatment will provide support for the long run. While treatment starts at our Corpus Christi, Texas drug detox clinic, it continues as the individual graduates from the addiction recovery program here at Nathans Recovery and continues their journey beyond our walls. Those looking for a quick fix to addiction will be out of luck, but if you’re willing to put in the necessary effort, the specialists at our drug rehab clinic can get you the support you need. Recovery begins with supervised detox at our addiction recovery center.

When Detox at a Drug Rehab Facility is Not Enough

Detox is a necessary stage in the addiction recovery process. However, it may be accompanied by the symptoms of withdrawal. Thanks to supervised detox at Nathans Recovery, clients who attend our Corpus Christi, Texas addiction recovery clinic can get the support they need to make it through this essential stage of recovery. Once the drugs or alcohol are physically purged from the body, clients will move on to the next stage of treatment.

Why Dual Diagnosis Treatment Matters for Addiction

Some clients are dealing with both addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder at the same time. Addiction can be more complicated to overcome for individuals who have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis. With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, it becomes possible to focus on addiction and provide support for co-occurring mental health disorders without putting one or the other in the background.

The Safety of our Addiction Treatment Facility

The environment in our Corpus Christi, Texas addiction recovery facility is comfortable, and a safe place for you to share your struggles with addiction. Our staff is compassionate, and the support clients receive at this vulnerable time in life can prove to be invaluable.

Building Community Each Day

No matter what the exact nature of your addiction recovery program here at Nathans Recovery, building a community around you is important. You will meet other people in our Corpus Christi, Texas addiction treatment center who struggle with similar issues as you do. Addiction recovery is most successful when you are able to find others who share your struggles and learn how to rely on one another. As you grow in your recovery, you will discover that a strong support network is important to your success.

Share Your Story Honestly

Treatment in our Corpus Christi, Texas facility is only going to be as good as you allow it to be. When you are honest with others as you share your story, you are going to get the help you deserve. If you find yourself lying about why you are in recovery or you are hesitant to share, it's time to talk with your counselor to address any reasons behind it.

Write a Unique Treatment Plan

Early on in treatment you will begin to work with one of the counselors here at Nathans Recovery. Together you will write a treatment plan to address your specific needs for recovery. You will have plenty of input in the treatment plan, and it can be changed if necessary. Your treatment plan is to act as a guide during your time at our Corpus Christi, Texas drug rehab center, giving you an idea of what treatment options are next.