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Supervised Detox is an Integral Piece of Recovery From Addiction

Supervised detox is the first stage in a successful detox program. Our Manhasset, New York drug detox clinic can provide you with the supervision necessary to safely detox from alcohol or drugs. Detox is an essential step on the journey to recovery, as without detox, it is impossible to stop using drugs effectively. For clients who are nervous about enrolling at Nathans Recovery addiction recovery center, asking for help is the initial step you must take to achieve recovery.

After Detox in a Drug Rehab Facility

Once drugs or alcohol are physically removed from your system, it's time to get to the reasons why you started abusing substances in the first place. The duration of detox can vary, depending on your usage habits. Individuals who need a structured environment after detox generally go to our Manhasset, New York substance abuse treatment facility. The length of the stay will vary, as different clients need different types of support to reach recovery. The structure found at Nathans Recovery addiction treatment center helps those who need it attain recovery.

When Dual Diagnosis Treatment is Necessary

Dual diagnosis treatment at our Manhasset, New York drug rehab center means that both addiction and any co-occurring mental health symptoms will both be a focus at the same time. At Nathans Recovery, our addiction treatment programs offer dual diagnosis support. For those struggling with a co-occurring mental health condition as well as an addiction, it is important to get the right support.

The Environment Often Found at our Addiction Treatment Facility

Our Manhasset, New York addiction recovery facility is a safe space that is conducive to healing from addiction. For clients, the atmosphere is comforting and offers a place to be vulnerable. Our friendly staff is trained to listen to the specific needs of each client, and to be empathetic throughout the process.

Finding the Right Support Network

Recovery from addiction is easier when you have a strong support network on your side. Community is often developed within our Manhasset, New York addiction recovery program. The people you get to know while you are here at Nathans Recovery are often the same people you reach out to when you return home. When you become stronger in your recovery, you will learn how to become a solid support person for others who are earlier on in the journey of recovery.

Be Honest in Your Interactions

You will get the most out of treatment when you learn how to be honest in your interactions. When you are ready to participate in group sessions here at Nathans Recovery, don't be afraid to tell your story truthfully. You won't benefit from treatment at our Manhasset, New York addiction recovery clinic when you aren't honest about your experiences and feelings. Use your recovery time in our drug rehab facility to grow stronger through honesty and hard work.

Develop a Treatment Plan

A treatment plan is a guide that you and your counselor develop to bring you through the recovery process during your time here at Nathans Recovery. Once you complete our supervised detox program, your plan might be to attend long term rehabilitation at our Manhasset, New York drug rehab facility. Your plan will be unique, and you will be able to make changes to your plan as you deem necessary with the help of one of our counselors.