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Individuals in the Overland Park, Kansas area that are looking for a substance abuse treatment facility should consider our addiction recovery treatment center. The Nathans Recovery addiction rehab facility is a safe place to face your addiction. How is addiction treatment approached here? We are an addiction recovery center that offers a wide range of treatment programs to those with addiction. Our clients are provided with the most effective treatment approaches, and they are surrounded by a caring and understanding staff throughout the rehabilitation process.

Nathans Recovery Offers Treatment to Fit Every Client’s Needs

Our Overland Park, Kansas treatment facility offers individualized treatment plans to every client. Individualized treatment plans are an important part of recovery, and studies have shown that long-term recovery is most likely achieved with individualized treatment plans. Research has determined that one of the most important principles of effective treatment is an individualized treatment plan. We understand that our clients have different obstacles to overcome, which is why our staff carefully evaluates each client's addiction and develops a treatment plan that effectively meets their unique needs.

Statistics show that many individuals with an addiction also have a co-occurring mental health disorder. Nathans Recovery addiction recovery center offers clients with co-occurring disorders the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment as part of their overall addiction treatment plan. There is a correlation between mental health disorders and addiction, so it is vital to treat both conditions simultaneously. Our Overland Park, Kansas drug rehab center is proud to offer clients dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

The Rehabilitation Process

Although every client will be provided with unique treatment plan, they will include some common elements during the rehabilitation process at our Overland Park, Kansas drug detox clinic.

During intake at Nathans Recovery addiction treatment facility, clients will be asked questions that will help our staff learn enough information to develop a personalized treatment plan. Although many clients feel that intake is daunting, they can rest assured that our staff's primary goal is to help every client successfully recover.

After our clients finish intake, they will begin supervised detoxification. Detoxification is the process in which the body rids itself of the toxins that remain in the bloodstream. At Nathans Recovery drug addiction treatment center, we provide clients with monitored detox, so clients can recovery safely and comfortably.

Individual and group therapy are part of our addiction recovery program. Both types of therapy are essential for long-term recovery. Individual therapy gives our clients the opportunity to gain an understanding of what caused their addiction, and it helps them learn coping techniques to maintain recovery.

Group therapy at Nathans Recovery provides our clients with the chance to connect with others. During group therapy, our clients are able to share past experiences and learn from others who have similar stories. When our clients know they are not alone, it helps make the recovery process easier. Therapy is the core tenants of the rehabilitation process, so we encourage our clients to actively participate in therapy to reap the most benefits.

When therapy sessions conclude, clients will attend aftercare therapy. Aftercare therapy is part of every client's addiction recovery program here at Nathans Recovery. The primary purpose of aftercare therapy is to help clients maintain recovery. However, our Overland Park, Kansas drug rehab facility also offers additional aftercare support to those who need it.