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Why Treatment for Addiction Takes a Step by Step Approach

For those that struggle with addiction, the first step is to admitting that you have a problem. Individuals who seek treatment from our Spanish Fort, Alabama drug detox clinic begin the process of recovery with a supervised detox process. The safest way to detox is to go to a qualified drug rehab facility to be monitored, and at Nathans Recovery, we can offer the supervision you deserve. It may be dangerous to try to stop using drugs or alcohol at home without supervision.

Understanding the Rehabilitation Process

Once a period in detox is complete, there are options. Clients who are no longer physically addicted to drugs or alcohol must then learn how to live emotionally without substances. Some people choose to return home after detox, while others go to our Spanish Fort, Alabama substance abuse treatment facility to build a stronger foundation for recovery before graduation from our addiction recovery program. The rehabilitation process is different for everyone, and is a process that takes time and effort, but the reward of recovery is worth the trouble.

If You need Dual Diagnosis Treatment at an Addiction Recovery Center

Dual diagnosis mental health treatment allows you to focus on both overcoming addiction and a co-occurring mental health condition at the same time. Our Spanish Fort, Alabama addiction treatment center offers dual diagnosis treatment, which will give you the ability to concentrate on your recovery.

The Environment in Drug Rehab Centers

Each client’s addiction recovery program will be a little different, but the general idea is to create a comforting space for recovery. You should find the environment at Nathans Recovery supportive and conducive to healing. Staff in our Spanish Fort, Alabama addiction treatment facility to guide you through the process of rehabilitation and to offer support whenever necessary. It is an environment that is safe for you at a time when you are feeling most vulnerable.

Gaining Support in Addiction Recovery

Support of others who are in need of addiction recovery is going to help you along your journey. When you are in our Spanish Fort, Alabama addiction recovery facility, pay attention to your peers around you. Listen to others who are speaking in group sessions and don't be afraid to share your story. You will meet others in the facility here at Nathans Recovery that will become your support system when you leave our addiction treatment center. As you build a support network, you will begin to see how important finding others who are going through recovery is for your success.

Attend Groups with an Open Mind

It can be intimidating to speak during group sessions at our Spanish Fort, Alabama drug rehab facility. While you don't have talk if you aren't ready, you should always be honest in your communications with others within the Nathans Recovery facility. When you can be honest during recovery, you are going to get more out of your treatment. If you don't tell the truth, it is going to be more difficult to support you as you navigate through the recovery process.