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At Nathans Recovery drug rehab center in Birmingham, Alabama, we are a leading provider of substance abuse counseling and detox. Whether you have been suffering from substance abuse for a few months or several years, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Our drug rehab center specializes in supervised detox and professional counseling. We also provide support groups to help clients overcome substance abuse. Discover more about our quality addiction recovery program to learn how you can recover from substance abuse.

The First Step of Recovery

The first step of successful substance abuse recovery is to accept that you have an addiction. Many clients know they have a drug addiction before visiting our Birmingham, Alabama substance abuse treatment facility. Seeking help might seem daunting in the beginning, but you will not regret taking that first important step. The trained professionals here at Nathans Recovery can discuss your symptoms and suggest a treatment plan for your individual needs.

Avoid Blaming Yourself or Others

It’s more important to focus on your recovery than to assign blame. The fact that you are dealing with addiction doesn’t define you. Our Birmingham, Alabama drug rehab center never judges clients and is fully committed to your recovery.

The Detox Process

Clients will begin the detox process after being admitted to our Birmingham, Alabama addiction recovery center. You might be concerned that the detox process might be an uncomfortable experience. Fortunately, Nathans Recovery drug rehab facility provides supervised detox to ensure the safety of our clients. Health professionals will be available on site to address any problems that might occur during this crucial process. It’s important to remember that this difficult step is necessary for addiction recovery.

Our addiction recovery facility realizes that every client is different and will need their own individual treatment plan. Depending on the needs of the client, the personalized addiction recovery plan may take different forms. At our Birmingham, Alabama substance abuse treatment facility, we know it is essential to provide clients with the support they need for their personal situation.

Counseling and Support Groups

Our Birmingham, Alabama addiction treatment center provides counseling and support groups to help clients make a full recovery. Nathans Recovery addiction treatment facility provides much more than just detox services. Professional counseling can be very beneficial during the recovery process. Clients will discover what triggers their substance abuse and how to overcome any urges to start using again. People will learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and confrontations with others. Some clients might be treated for other co-occurring mental health conditions. Support groups can also help clients overcome substance abuse. These groups are an excellent way for clients to help each other as well as learn positive ways to deal the difficulties of life.

Our Birmingham, Alabama addiction treatment facility provides professional substance abuse detox and counseling in a nonjudgmental environment. Clients will receive supervised detox and counseling. People will discover what triggers their substance abuse and how to avoid using drugs in the future. Contact Nathans Recovery drug detox clinic today to take the first step to a full and lasting recovery.